Pok-Ta-Pok/Blood War

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Mature $2,000,000 Game

The Game of the Gods

Blood War is a cooperative action-adventure hack and slash game in third person view where you play as one of the twin brothers from the Mayan mythology.

You have been chosen as the champion of Hunab Ku. You and your brother must battle against the Goddess of Vanity, Vucub Macaw who opened the gates of Xibalba and built a palace above them in order to reach the skies. Demonic hordes, Gods and demigods awaits. Only you can go down to the underworld and avoid the end of times.

Players take the role of Hunahpu and Ixbalanque which can move, run and jump in different areas of the map. Use amazing magical powers fueled by the sun and the moon to destroy your opponents and help your allies in fierce battles against the demons of the Underworld.

Perform simultaneous combination without interrupting your partner’s game, or work as a team to solve puzzles where teamwork is required.

At the end of each chapter, the player faces the Mayan Gods of Xibalba in an impressive battle. All this inside Blood War, The Sacred War of the Mayan World.

Game Feature: Play the most bloody and ancient sport of humanity. 

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