Sticker Album

As you read and help El Chavo through the story. You are rewarded with Stickers!

  • Decorate your Coloring pages.
  • Rewards solving challenges.
  • Encourage achievements.
  • Excitement to read over and over.
  • Accomplishment.
  • Complete your Sticker Album and Collect them all!

Story Mode

This is a story book, packed with interactivities throughout the whole adventure!

  • Interact with El Chavo and his friends according to the story.
  • The book remembers the page where you left it!
  • Index to jump directly to a specific page and its challenge.
  • Complete mini games and get rewards on every page.
  • Each page is read to you by a friendly narrator.
  • Touch each word to hear it again.
  • Listen to the story in various languages.
  • Learn new vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Read the story in Silent mode.¬

Record your Voice

Press and Hold the microphone to record your voice and hear the story with your own words!

  • Replay as many times as you want.
  • Parents can read the story to their children even when they are away.
  • Improve your pronunciation.
  • Record yourself and create your own story!

Coloring Pages

What activity book is complete without Coloring pages?!

  • Choose one of several scenes to color.
  • Switch to crayons, markers, brushes, chalk or even spray paint!
  • Adjustable brush sizes.
  • Paste stickers from your sticker album.
  • Undo your actions, zoom and erase.
  • Capture your painting directly to your device‚Äôs Photo Album.
  • Explore your art with over 14 colors.
  • A blank page to create without limits!

Mini Games

We have selected the 4 most popular mini games out there and turned them into a El Chavo experience. Play them alone or with friends and family!

  • The all time favorite ‚ÄúSpot the Difference‚ÄĚ with 4 difficulty levels.
  • Analysis, attention and observation.
  • The retro game ‚ÄúSimon Says‚ÄĚ in a modern version of sequences by memory and repetition.
  • Analyze steps and recreate patterns.
  • Create a mental and motor plan following images and sounds
  • The classic game of ‚ÄúMemory‚ÄĚ, where you flip cards to find their match.
  • Encourage retentive memory and element location.
  • The kid‚Äôs beloved puzzles from 2 to 10 pieces using a reference.
  • Organize information and recognize shapes and matching colors.
  • Answer cool Reading Comprehension questions.
  • Connect with characters and their emotions.

Fun Everywhere

El Chavo Playbook brings barrels of learning and skill developing activities for your children, easily accessible on all mobile devices:: iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle.

Reset the book to start collecting rewards over and over again.

Lion Works will be the new home for all future El Chavo animated Playbooks!  More adventures in interactive reading with the whole neighborhood gang will be added in regular intervals.

Wide variety of activities approved pedagogically for motor and psychic development of the target audience with a very ‚Äústicky‚ÄĚ replay value. ¬†Intuitive interface and design with easy to learn tutorials.

Stay tuned to this same channel for Chavo in Space, an educational suite with new content coming really soon!  Make sure to come back regularly to find out about new upcoming content and insights from educators.

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